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there is still a role for emotionally articulate art that has something important to say about the poignancy and tragedy of the human condition

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When she stumbles upon a channel showing a little boy who’s being viciously abused by a couple, she tries to find the kid to save him. But her quest leads her back to a secret door in her own house that could be the answer to many puzzles.

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Isn't it rather obvious that the technology is upon us and that it is information itself

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Break the charm...

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it must, therefore, be under some strain or in motion, and the latter is the most 76 probable

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Thinking of all beings who are involved

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one concentrates one's thought upon ideas of Love; one imagines a ray of Love going out from one's heart, and embracing all beings

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even the struggle of organisms to survive

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two ways to be free: to become rich, or to cut your needs to the bone

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All desire, whether for Pleasure, Knowledge or Power, that cannot find natural expression, can by Sigils and their formulae find fulfillment from the subconscious

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Since 1974 I have used the angelic tables produced by John Dee through the skrying activity of Edward Kelley as a ground compositional determinant system. The detail (figure 1) illustrates a selected sector of the angelic tables from Liber Mysteriorum, se

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"Prepare all briefings carefully." Teaching her resistance to interrogation may improve her security, but it also may make her service suspicious if her manner, to them, changes

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As it so happened, Crowley and Bennett were walking along one day and came across a group of theosophists who were ridiculing the use of wands.

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O Soma flowing on thy way, win thou and conquer high renown;
And make us better than we are

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Bennett was very ascetic and sexually chaste

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I've not read Kraft-Ebbing; the ideas came to me mainly from Spare, who apparently used to refer to Jung and Freud as Junk and Fraud, even though he obviously was influenced by some of their ideas.

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A leaf, a bottle, a hand, etc., live with an almost animal life which is crying out to be used. … This sort of virtual power of the images probes for hitherto unused possibilities in the depths of the mind. Essentially the cinema reveals a whole occult

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