Twenty-year-old ad kid at UTS. One day I'll be knighted, I'm just staying ahead of the game.

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Post-work boredom eating my remote. I now consider myself an entertainer. You're welcome.

I want this!


The L Word is so gay. Love

The L Word is so gay. From

This is and my Words With Friends game. We know many big words.

Bruce !

How the hell are you supposed to complete this level?! Argh! I am a very angry bird!

Still awake customising my new phone. Nerd.

Hahaha. This was put above the staff toilet at work. Concerning that people have to be told!

I don't care if it's the Elder Wand or not. It's LevioSAA!

Hahaha, "Do not authorise pump", "Serial drive off Queen". Fax that was posted on the wall at work.

My dog being all sad that she's not the one getting food.

Loving my new TV. Now I never have to leave my room! Just have to sort out this rabit ears situation.

W'sup homies? Just sitting here being all gangster in a hoodie. Normal Monday night, yo.

What an unfortunate place for a lamp post!

Here. I basically surrender halfway through.

What a beautiful afternoon it turned out to be!

Umm, no? I only paid less than half of that price here for Deathly Hallows the day it came out!

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