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Have you ever noticed that Jensen Ackles is not unattractive?

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Scruffy, dimply Jared at Asylum. thanks to

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J2 gorgeousness #asylm courtesy of nyaubaby

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OMG it's a lion!! Cute overload from a CW Affiliate function in 2007.

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Why so emo Jared?

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Dean is that a shotgun between your legs or are you just pleased to see Sam?

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Good news: The CW promotes S5 of Supernatural. Bad news: It's a really bad example of photoshopping

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#woofwednesday Jared and rescue puppy Mika at the rescue shelter Jared supports

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Hey Bill Cosby called - he wants his sweater back. Pic from Vancouver Writers Festival

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may think he's MacGyver - but Jared really WAS Young MacGyver!

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Young geeky Jared - in 1998, Jared and his partner Chris Cardenas won the National Forensics League national championship in Duo Interpretation. He also recived an hon. mention in the UIL for acting in 1996.

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Jared meets an Aussie tradition - beetroot!!!

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Is it hot in here? Jensen in a 2006 photoshoot for TV Guide.

  • 2196 days ago via site
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Jensen flogging Titanic merchandise. Show tie-in - remember the Titanic shoutout in Heaven and Hell?

  • 2196 days ago via site
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Schedule for Asylum Con. What a wonderful, jam packed weekend. #asylm

  • 2198 days ago via site
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Coat of arms for Castiel in Switzerland is Michael killing the dragon. Just like the painting in the finale! Great catch by Rebel_Fraggle

  • 2199 days ago via site
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Pop ref: Heaven's green room was a shout out to 2001: A Space Odyssey

  • 2206 days ago via site
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A crazy Russian spy, an 8ft hobo who lives in the sewer and an ageing male model...together they fight crime!

From the boys trip Down Under more pics at the Supr Wiki here

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