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bc everyone has dodgy photoshoots in their past Jared Padalecki #dramatictvactor #PeoplesChoice RT 2 vote

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Bc his career could have easily gone another way... Jensen Ackles #dramatictvactor #PeoplesChoice. RT to vote

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Lola - Hellhound audition

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Her name is Lola...I met her in a club down in old Soho...

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here's Lola!

Garth's hat was the one Bobby had on when we first met him in Devil's Trap. Love Show's attention to detail!

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Here's with this year's People Choice Awards! Make sure we get nominated this year - vote now!

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IT'S BACK!!! I love that there must be a box in the Supernatural Props Dept labelled Big Bong.

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My soon to be new dog! She has to stay at the shelter for another week as she has an ear infection.

  • 858 days ago via site
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Did you know was in Dark Angel (The Berrisford Agenda) with Jensen?

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Holy Thor's hammer! Send a postcard to Mark Meloche aka and the VFX team for their stunning work

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This brilliant cinematography is why you should send Director of Photography a postcard!

  • 866 days ago via site
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Pellegrino at #armageddon in Melbourne!

Yay! continues its glorious tradition of photoshopping old promo pics to make a new SPN poster!

  • 871 days ago via site
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Congrats to & Bob Singer for amazing ep. Purgatory scenes were brilliant but this was my fav shot.

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Benny I know you've been dead 50 years, & suspenders are cool, but the Harry Highpants look has to go!

  • 873 days ago via site
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I went to Purgatory and survived! Pic from the VanCon location tour with

  • 873 days ago via site
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Sam's hair in Season 8. I'm guessing a ponytail by mid-season...

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And went to school with Kevin Tran. Small world ;D

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