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i love classic films and illustrating robins / sharks.

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Reading the Swift book has some references to #Firefly lol at Jayne's occupation.

i just realized that the last button on my shirt has no button hole. wtf #uniqlo

if today is national cat day, i miss my cat Chairman Meow even moar.

this is blood soup, i guess im ready for #NBCDracula

yay #iOS7

f*ck you why do i have to download 7.35 gigs if i got the dvd? because f*ck you, that's why.

Re: Fight Club, Rosie O'Donnell is a real bitch who deserves to be tarred and feathered.

haha thanks guise! good night / morning / luck

what the fuck, "michael p." you broke the goddamn skipping robot.

just wanted to thank dan for the #Carnivale swag straight from milfay. i <3 you guys

hey what the fuck? #error12

so i'm watching mission impossible 3… and i don't think this is in shanghai…

Adam Savage said it best...

finally... it's here! screw you, phil customs.

also wtf is lockerz? get me back to twitpic. "what the fuck is going on DHL manila? stop delaying my stuff."

this is my favourite scene in Hugo (2011) … visually accurate based on historical reference hahah

meet our receptionist

if i were to choose to be a character in #carnivale, i'd be evander geddes.

still downloading at home

hurry up, goddamn it.

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