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Too cute. I get this hey-why-aren’t-you-letting-me-out-come-on look.

eh, sorry about that! How about this awesome gem to make up for it?

may I submit people’s Exhibit 1?

Current status: funnel cakes, corn dogs, & hot air ballons. #winning

When the database guy explains IP transport. #fridaylaugh

. these are just fabulous!! Thank you! #youcouldnotbemoreawesome

fixed it. :)

really?! #deathwish

Panel on social media/blogging. These guys *might* know something about it.

Afternoon keynote by . #woot #dfwvmug /cc

Hey , you aren’t the only one that can win things at conferences ;) (but you are better at it)

so the husband came through on flowers, too. #hehazsmarts #sometimes ;)

Look, they make shoes for the crazy cat ladies of the world. Or maybe for or ;)

Hilarious. Voice, err, collaboration, engineers will laugh. Sharepoint guys will cry. Because Sharepoint.

Been playing w awesome Flir One toy I stole, err won, in Yankee swap. N7k looks super cool. Or super hawt ;) #geektoy

And both wins the twitters and seals his fate in one fell swoop. #crackingmeup

See, even Dilbert appreciates the art of puns. /cc

Missed this face, love this smile. #minimerocks

For the record, I never mind coming home to flowers. #woot

so this would be a bad thing? ;)