Hene R.


A queer 20-year-old Finn. This twitter frequently tends to turn into complainfests. I tweet a lot about writing. I like Gene Wilder.

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Mental hospital in #Wroclaw (railway station toilets). Creepy shit.

bought a new book. Kukaan lukenut? Vaikuttaa aika näpsäkältä sci-fi-teokselta.

Yes my babies, I will eat you soon. (of course sushi is a good snack in a MOVNG TRAIN #professional)

My new, lovely shades. and a goatee.

Sheets after sheets of letter paper being used. I had a sweet lemon macaron, too. Nice day.

"Beautiful Finnish spring"...

Snow and ice in Seinäjoki.

on my waaaaaaaay

look at your little Masky being all beaten up and tired

In a between-lectures break, presenting you evidence of my studies. Just look at those relevant-to-Finnish patterns and that mess.

my pin-up and me! HAVING FUNNNNN

Paws up, bitches! My day as !

Oulu at 05:48AM... It's been this bright all night. Summers of Finland, oh you.

Having my breakfast with a nice view! I love airports.

Waitin' for Priest!!

Last minute fixing...

Pimpin' our cottage!

Our cottage! Fit for nothing but sleeping...

Heavy Metal Sewing!!!

Tampere marketplace and theatre! Damn hot, eating ice cream and enjoying a fountain's cooling presence...

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