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I live in a fairy tale with My Knight In Shining Armor and our smarter than average children; Hansel & Gretel. Where do you live?

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DIY Update: for a beer & pretzels, neighbor helped MKISA carry out old tub. I like the candy corn duct tape. #fall

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Feeling less like a rock star & more like a Jedi. My DIY project has turned into this. It takes #patienceyoung1

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Summertime! #2014

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This purchase made me insanely happy today.

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The Kindle Paperwhite fits into a quart sized Ziploc 4 reading in tub. You know, just in cast you were wondering.

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Look @ these adorbs baby prairie dogs & their mama I saw on jog (sorry for the blur, I was panting from exertion).

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Brewing a cuppa to get in the sprit of things. Streaming #Sherlock marathon between batches of laundry. #Friday

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Another end-of-school-year-celebration! It was a long year, what can I say? We needed to celebrate again. #4realz

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Celebrating the end of the school year. Et toi?

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Nightstand: earbuds, coconut oil (rub on feet b/c hello flipflop season!), H20, latte, book 4 scene cards... #life

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This man fills my heart with the good stuff. #MKISA

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1/2 My vitamix blender blade was lurking in ambush in my cupboard yesterday & I ended up w/ 3 stitches. Kinda wish

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This view never gets old. #Boulder #luv

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getting car serviced. Look @ this workstation, Kerig coffee, free wi-fi. No excuse. #amwriting

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#Yesterday I saw a pair of bald eagles perched on top of a cottonwood tree! #lovebirds #springtimeintherockies

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Wow. Apparently Starbucks has decided to honor The Hunger Game tributes with this new roasted coffee. #cool

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And yes, in case you were wondering, that was a Kindle in the backgrnd. This is how I read in the tub or poolside.

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Bought these new exfoliating bath gloves that make me look like Gollum from Lord of the Rings. #myprecious

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You saw this coming, right? French onion soup 4 dinner yesterday. Inspired by the book Revolution

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