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Electoral Register form with all new(!) association with your NI number...

  • 1 day ago via site
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I've just signed #HeForShe campaign: along with one lone Laotian (and about 6,200 Brits).

  • 8 days ago via site
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My bitcoin address on showing double spends?! I'VE SENT ABOUT 12p TO A MATE AND THAT'S IT!

  • 35 days ago via site
  • 44's celeb list - 7 white men and 1 white woman.

  • 36 days ago via site
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#Shibes' pup in tumble drier: such rotation; how fluffy; many tumblings; wow /ht

  • 38 days ago via site
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Not even 'ModifyHeaders' will allow us in the UK to watch this clip:

  • 42 days ago via site
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Who'd've thunk'd it, Jeff Stelling is a fan of "The Kids in the Hall":

  • 45 days ago via site
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*facepalm*/*headdesk* Invalid security certificate when accessing a PDF on Liberty's website:

  • 46 days ago via site
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'expensive' - 'dear' - 'antalope' - a Viz "what links the subheads" game.

  • 123 days ago via site
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Sledgehammer to crack a nut, added to /etc/hosts = IP to fix #javascript hanging issues.

  • 125 days ago via site
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Re-captcha has been doing door numbers for a while now. It's like we're assisting the spooks and the goons.

  • 131 days ago via site
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The Times: Royal Mail facing backlash over 'lost £1bn' from sell-off

  • 183 days ago via site
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Adjacent in my timeline...

  • 362 days ago via site
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"Hardworking" or "Hard working"? Google says: "Hard working". #shitheadshindig

  • 364 days ago via site
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*ghastflabbered* There's a station called "East Midlands Parkway" & I thought Bristol Parkway was a shit station.

  • 382 days ago via site
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O2 sign-up screen in Slackware - note the URL has changed & the favicon has loaded in the tab list, but that's it.

  • 388 days ago via site
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"Some people are on the pitch! They're drinking all over!" "They're pissing on it now!" source:

  • 400 days ago via site
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Java installers are rubbish... discuss. Here's one that can't find itself. And look at the detritus from others.

  • 411 days ago via site
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All roads lead to...

  • 415 days ago via site
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