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Menu at the Belfast Coffee Company looks enticing...think i'll go for the obvious " Sailor Town!" Chilli addict am I.

I'm in Belfast! Exciting day ahead.
First up a mocha at the Belfast Coffee Company! Royal Avenue.

Ah, Geek Out! The Chic Organisation hits Derry / Londonderry in July!

We are blessed.

See you y'all there...

Just back from Slemish and although highly ambivalent to all the religiosity surrounding the place,it's worth visit.

BREAKING NEWs - New Pope elected…see pic below. Excellent choice;this remarkable, charming,and sometimes holy man!

Leo can you check this ..twit 393 has appeared in the iTunes store as "Unknown Album?"

Here's another one you might like ...

Who was Hedy Lamarr?

Salmon in a ginger chilli wasabi plum sauce delicately perched on a bed of whole wheat noodles!

Want some yom yom?

AirPlay loop back pic…Clue 1. Thought that last Q was tough so here"s a large clue.

Getting some sweet multi dimensional pics looping back from AirPlay Mirroring on my Mac to iPad. £10 if you know place.

And finally… for all cosmologists, astronomers, physicists,and people who just dig string theory… for you.

Good Night.

More ducks!

Brillant sunshine, yummy food and booze berries… all at the Farmers Fair , Moira. Music, ducks and men with guns!

I don't think Saturdays a good day to fly! Way to busy.

Maybe midweek.

Just came across horrible car accident on the way home.Kids and adults involved.Not sure extent of injuries!

Yes it will but can
be cranky!

I just had to share this... it's the cats face, it just says it all really!

What have donuts got in common with social media sites....? This!

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