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I work at Microsoft. I'm directing The Primary Instinct. I'm the host/producer of shows such as The /Filmcast, The Tobolowsky Files, and A Cast of Kings.

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Mr. unravels one of cinema's all-time greatest mysteries

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Here is who Google thinks I am. Some of this info is correct. Some of it is not.

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Pretty sure I crapped myself when I saw this in my inbox moments ago.

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Created this for work: Zynga's games in terms of Millions of Monthly Active Users in 2011. Precipitous declines

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My philosophy on podcasts: they should all be like an episode of LAW & ORDER

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JustifiedCast, less than 24 hours after first episode

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Here's when I know my e-mail list on publicists' mailing lists has jumped the shark

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Some interesting discussion on Facebook a/b that typo I tweeted earlier. At least, interesting to me.

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Speaking of DRIVE, just caught the blu-ray box art. It definitely destroyed a small part of my faith in humanity.

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Boxofficemojo's Top 10 Grossing Films of 2011. Glad to see so many original films! Oh wait. No. We're f*cked.

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My canals are so completely FUBAR. Here's a post-op screenshot of my root canal tooth. It ain't pretty.

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Looks like it's going to be tough to see GHOST PROTOCOL this wknd (via Marlon, who sent this in)

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Finally checking out Facebook's timeline feature and WOW, they really DID keep everything! Highlights from 2009:

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Actual screengrab of courses offered at Greendale Night School

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My tooth

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Amusing freeze frame from last night's COMMUNITY (commentary by Leonard, the Youtube frozen pizza reviewer)

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I feel like saying they're "FALSE" right up front kind of biases the audience's expectations? Good job

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Mr. has decided to honor me by including a shout out in his next BRODY'S GHOST book

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Harvard now restricting access to Harvard Yard (to only people with ID) due to Occupy protesters

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