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The greatest living Englishman. Inventor of the female orgasm, master of machinations. Writer of nonsense. Unfeasibly handsome, charming and very modest.

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2 year old. Whose only purpose in life is to upset Cad. Today's menu consisting of most of the front of Cads shogun!

  • 535 days ago via site
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Bloody horses... In this case Cads naughty pony how many ready meals would she make?

  • 535 days ago via site
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Great another kid lost in the snow somewhere!

  • 576 days ago via site
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Hef crushing her nemesis to death, whilst on the new chair (no dogs allowed) Cad bought to replace the one she ate

  • 582 days ago via site
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Here we see Hef, caught just after destroying one of Cads chairs... This is the 'it wasn't me look'

  • 608 days ago via site
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Would never usually use this sort of language about a lady, but here we see a shameless slut on Cads sofa

  • 608 days ago via site
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Come back to Cad Towers and see Cads puppy? What's not to trust about a man who has a puppy?

  • 612 days ago via site
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Don't be fooled by the innocent look, it's a devil, held bent on destroying Cad Towers from within.

  • 612 days ago via site
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Who ate Cads mince pie, crapped in his slipper and shredded the cover on his favorite chair? Hef has no idea!

  • 612 days ago via site
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Know of a massive untapped market all we need do is work out how to harvest the people who use facebook!

  • 685 days ago via site
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Either it's a sleep or dead?

  • 696 days ago via site
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a very naughty girl in Cads arms...Ooh err...

  • 696 days ago via site
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Tired out 'hef' after a hard morning destroying most of Cad Towers...

  • 696 days ago via site
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Heffer (black and white and a lttle cow) sleeping afer eating Cads foot.

  • 696 days ago via site
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Yet another mouth to feed! Still will make a nice hat one day.

  • 703 days ago via site
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Had some problems getting it up, but manage a pretty decent erection in the garden in the end.

  • 772 days ago via site
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The babies have grown! Feeding them on oranges so they are self basting.

  • 772 days ago via site
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Nearly pecked to death, but bravely managed to get pictures of the new arrivals!

  • 793 days ago via site
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Cad can go off a person you know!

  • 919 days ago via site
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Street urchin enjoying Christmas, back to sweeping chimneys tomorrow...

  • 968 days ago via site
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