Fearless in the face of yarn, yet terrified of spiders. I chat polyamory, politics, crafting and feminism. She/her.

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Night riding. Because when I can do it, exercise is so so good for me, mentally and physically. Love it!

It's so bright!

Brave make up and Stelmaria. I am not nearly as badass as my make up right now.

Before and after. I have my favourite bra back! Yay!

Before and after. I have my favourite bra back! Yay!

*hugs if wanted* From Sheffield with love. If I could tweet you super painkillers too, I would.

Make up as armour.

These are my boys. Well, two of them. They're BFFs. It's so cute.

Chocolate devil's cake with added fudge? Check. I are domestic goddess. *nods* :D

Tasty as fuck roast veg? Check

Big sizzling griddle pan full of meat? Check.

1024! So. Damned. Close!

Present drying, will be ready for gifting tomorrow, and it's not even 11pm yet! Hurrah!


I have a more traditional case for mine, just arrived today:

Umm, thanks for wasting my time, I guess?

It's £40/hr just to touch me. #Iwokeuplikethis #flawless


My lap, right now. It makes me be made of joy! Yay!