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y iz jus10 wareing lyke a sknow h4t 1n da $umm3r?¿? Etz okhay h3 luk$ hawt

Maybe next time we'll see him naked? ;)

HAHAHAH #biebergasm

I wasn't lying when I said #chustin sleep together. in bed. shirtless. #Chustinfact ;)

Is that fool Justin? #sexy

Oh Justin, you sexy huh? (;

Really Justin? PLANKING.

Justin you best be stop planking. It's so last month, and so not cool.

matching bags Jelena? HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA. this is not cool. #notswag

I just saw this, and got the biggest smile on my face. it's like I'm a proud mama. <3

Justin be lookin' fineeeee.

Who dat chick on Justin's shirt?

Ash Benzo and Ryan Good so freaking cute. &

Ash Benzo and Ryan Good so freaking cute.

AH I THINK THEY ARE DATING. omg. omg. omg.

the crew playing ninja. #myworldtourmemories :)


weezy and the biebs. I believe they should have some collab shit going on right about... NOW.

*wags eyebrows*