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Free-range illustrationist and professional enthusiast: designer, writer, teacher, explorer, haphazard cyclist, potential beekeeper.

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#DailyDrawing 687:
Still colouring the page on the left. Man, this game book is taking aaages! #Selma

  • about 18 hours ago via site
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#DailyDrawing 686:
Back to the big map game today! You can even see a wee #Selma there with her pals!

  • 2 days ago via site
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#DailyDrawing 685:
A selection of yesterday's efforts on the #Selma project. These are all massive!

  • 3 days ago via site
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#DailyDrawing 684:
Only a week or so left to finish all the #Selma work. Panic beginning to set in...

  • 3 days ago via site
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#DailyDrawing 683:
asked for Robin Hood, but next time for the #Selma show, a Bosnian heroine...

  • 6 days ago via site
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#DailyDrawing 682:
GAME TIME! You ever played #Selma's 'hanging upside down' game? has, I bet.

  • 8 days ago via site
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#DailyDrawing 681:
Not the best image, but I have to start with pencil for these #Selma texts.

  • 8 days ago via site
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#DailyDrawing 680:
The #Selma drawers beginning to take shape. Three down, seven to go...

  • 9 days ago via site
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#DailyDrawing 679:
New #Selma item today: This is a drawer all about language. Know any Serbian, ?

  • 10 days ago via site
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#DailyDrawing 678:
Almost there with 's #refugee map game. Just have to OK gameplay. Joy! #Selma

  • 13 days ago via site
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#DailyDrawing 678:
map game. I think I can put this to bed tonight - once I've tested it out! #Selma

  • 14 days ago via site
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#DailyDrawing 677:
More drawing. Back to #sharpies today and planning the big #Selma map game.

  • 15 days ago via site
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#DailyDrawing 676:
Putting together a banner for 's #Selma show. Everything's in but needs a tweak!

  • 17 days ago via site
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#DailyDrawing 675:
Next up for the #Selma museum; red and green colour cards for the map board game!

  • 29 days ago via site
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#DailyDrawing 674:
Working on this HUGE map for . It's part of the #Selma mobile museum. Here goes.

  • 30 days ago via site
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#DailyDrawing 673:
FINISHED! My #LizLochhead piece is done and coloured up. No more #GreatScots for a while!

  • 35 days ago via site
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#DailyDrawing 672:
#LizLochhead is pretty much there. Colour does on tomorrow and I get a rest! #GreatScots

  • 36 days ago via site
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#DailyDrawing 671:
Oh man! So close now! Scrapped some of what I'd done but it's improved a lot. #GreatScots

  • 36 days ago via site
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#DailyDrawing 670:
Ooft! Slow! Research heavy! Thanks to Linden and for help so far! #GreatScots

  • 38 days ago via site
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#DailyDrawing 669:
Slowly getting it all in there. I'm doing LOTS OF RESEARCH on Liz. Got anything? #GreatScots

  • 41 days ago via site
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