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{Politics, Linux, theology, maths/science} geek. Labour and Co-operative party member; lawyer. Married to E; our three sons are T10, M7 and D3.

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Dear : forcing me to install proprietary software to access a basic PDF form makes me a sad panda.

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Surprisingly funky Swiss Air livery.

All the holiday money we have left. RELATED: the one-cent coin has to be the most useless coin ever. Amiright?

Our plane's arrived!

Compulsory "Trinity Church with Hancock Tower in tradition vs modernity visual metaphor" shot.

It wasn't just our Duck Tours driver who was rootin' for the Bruins in the Stanley Cup:

Seen in Stamford car park. I didn't realise people actually /did/ this. o_O #stopitmumyoureembarrassingme

OK, let's have one bottle each. Mine's the one on the right.

Loving this week's Private Eye cover.

D3 has a particularly cute face where he does a little half-smile with dimpled cheeks. I managed to grab a photo:

And THIS, ladies and gentleman, is what "succeeding in the digital space" looks like... ,

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Want a cute photo? Here's my sister 's dog, Charlie, doing a sponsored swim for charidee.

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*twitch* *twitch* #ubuntu #someonepleasesavemefrommyself

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Bit of a drag, this afternoon/evening. But at least it wasn't wholly wasted.

Turns out it was *this* context. Lego Indiana Jones faces his gravest peril yet!

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My latest #liturgynerd acquisition. SIX ribbon markers! Take /that/, Catholics!

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Like a schoolboy who's run out of excuses for not doing his homework, National Rail finally 'fesses up.

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Here we go again. "Trains all fine! Oh, except for the /next/ one!"

OK, here's that piece of music I was trying to place...

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I'm really quite pissed off at's video coverage using Silverlight. I pay my taxes for /this/?

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