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Wellness Entrepreneur & Social Media Consultant - Accounting / ACT Consultant for Sm Business. FOODIE! And... I love my @Rockies!

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#DENBestFans Go Broncos!

got back home just in time to see #LukeWilson leaving; didn't get the nerve to go up to ask for a pic w/him tho.

- been getting this error message a lot lately while trying to stream newscasts online. :(

#JINGOS are extreme BOLD, but don't confuse these snacks w/Jingoism. jus-sayin' #GroupShirting

office mates want my #Lime&SweetChili; gave them each 1 - just 1! iShare. #GroupShirting #spon

this is how I take a BOLD break! #JINGOS #GroupShirting #spon

pea-sized hail with this round of rain... #weather #colorado #fb

so much hail, it sounds like popcorn popping! #extreme #weather #colorado #fb

do you have a water person who can go talk to the Starbucks on Bush about their wasteful landscape watering?

I have cold drizzle today... sending some coolness your way!

ready for a refreshing afternoon w/a Big Can of AriZona Tea () - part of #GroupShirting on

awesome photo-bomb while getting shot 4 the #GroupShirting day; btw, shirt doesn't lie - I <3 AriZona BCs

Woot! Dinner-Time decided! Thank you !!! #fb

holy cow! from the point I tweeted yesterday it took another 1HR & 40MIN! coulda walked it there faster!

I get it; make the free version so damn slow that I *have* 2 click 4 upgrd @ 2hrs to send 179MB file. >:(

uhm... - why am I getting "Access Denied", permission issues? somebuddy is in twubble! #fb

ugh! windshield spam - doesn't #Longmont have any law against this litter? Buffalo Wild Wings - bad mktg move! #fb

and in "my hood" ... huge dark stormy clouds are passing over.

- when will this get fixed?

the new training facility area at - great for focused training efforts!