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Writer, director, horror movie geek, and all together hoopy frood. Don't blame it on me, blame it on my wild heart.

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Formerly Earthquake.

Finally picked up my copy! So happy for you, !

Lunch break, day two! Omnomnom!

Lunch break! Whee! #onlocation There's barely any reception out here, but pretty.

Listening to my SKINspiration playlist and walking at the park. It's no Lake Balboa, but it'll do. :D

Someone lost this hearing aid at the Chalk Fest today. A patron asked me to make an announcement about it. O_o

I'm a floor babe today!

I was a booth babe today. :D

Got this message upon inserting disc two of Rage and was kicked out to my dash. At least I saved first.

It's 80° and pretty. Who wants to go play frisbee in the park? Or fly kites? Anyone?

Is it just me or does Helga Hufflepuff remind anyone else of Mrs. Garrett from The Facts of Life?

Bit rainy today. I'm gonna go to mum's house, kill Philip, go to Hogwarts, & wait for this whole thing to blow over.

Except for the light rain, this is a great park day, in my opinion. The sun isn't blazing, but it's bright. :D

This is what I got once I'd accrued enough tickets...they were out of Gizmo. :D

If Universal were to ever remake Jaws 3D, they should just set it in their own park.

My Good Morning Day After Birthday butterbeer. Making Food Porn sites jealous since...this morning, I guess.

My mom ordered a birthday cake for me! I'll tell the back story later. :D

I'm tippin' in your honour, !

I should wear my Ten of Us sweater all the time! ;D #bemarie

Hahaha! My first birthday gift! Thanks and ! I think I need a Nancy streak now. ;D ()

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