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Hey ~ #CoffeeTime ㅋㅋ ^^

#CoffeeTime ㅋㅋ ^^

Shh secret ninja picture! >.>

막국수- buckwheat noodles. One of 2 dishes you should eat in Chuncheon. Very satisfying and only a touch of spice.

청평사 (Cheongpyeongsa temple) in Chuncheon.

춘천 닭갈비 ~ smells soooo good. At 명동1번지.

Best pizza I've had in Korea! Di Matteo (디마떼오) on Nami Island.

So many people! O.o What is this concert about?? It's called '나는꼼수다'.

Bought a painting at Gyeryoung mountain. The artist is very skilled! Too bad I couldn't get a big one.

... okay so I'm totally ready for 빼빼로 Day! ^^

Daejeon Cantina. One of two Mexican restaurants in Daejeon. Haven't had the food yet tho. Very lively place.

Boys shouldn't be that pretty... or wear that much make-up. #FTIsland

My 1st time having 콩나물국밥. 맜있어!

Band called Seoul Park @ Rock n Roll Live Bar in Apgujeong. Pretty good!

Yo we in! Seats aren't terrible. If we got here hour earlier would've been closer :P

2PM! Put your hands up!! ♥

오리 고기! Duck for dinner tonight. Wooow so yummy! ♥

Night life in 대전. This is a popular place on the weekend, especially with foreigners.

ㅋㅋ an artist should sign their work afterall ^^

Finished? I dunno... maybe! Probably small details left, but the mural looks about done ^^