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Eh, my interests change so fast, I can't keep this current. Damn ADD & OCD and whatever other letters you want to toss in here. Like XWP, STV, AUSXIP, B&tB, :)

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Can you see the theme. I LOLL when she picked this picture to sign.

This is for One of my many autographs. :-)

WOW! If I had known... I wldve prayed for $$ while being checked out.

aww my baby is reaching menopause! & I need gas!

B4 I go off and pack for the weekend, I will leave you with a Kate Mulgrew pic. :-)

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She knew she was in trouble and tried to pull an 'ET' on me. Almost worked.

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Xorro & her boyfriend. Thank heavens he's neutered!

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See! She finds out she has more friends than I, and it goes right to her head. (harumph)

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Mmm strawberry shortcake for my birthday. Yum-me!

Luv my niece! took her to& from wrk made me a huge caeser salad @ wrk. YUMMY!

Here's one of Kate post STV. I took this at the BACC in 2009

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Here's some heavy guns for you! Pardon the language. I didn't make it, just love it. Kick ass Janeway.

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Adding to the Janeway hair discussion earlier. LOVE the little devil may care look/smirk.

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Here's some TSA bumper stickers you might appreciate. loll

Who knew inch worms had hands. To cute.

Jen Aniston in her new movie looking like Lucy Lawless. WOW!

Fog has blown in....creepy!! #rapture

WHOOT! Just came in the mail. Getting ready to snuggle down and read. :-)

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Found my very 1st nano cache. Woot!

Men in Black flashbacks. :-)