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Yikes. Flooding has drained off, but doorway's covered in muck.

At the mall play area with five other dads. Everyone is texting/tweeting pics of their kids. I had to join in.

it's intermission of my play here at . Like the get-up?

Half-hour until my play opens at . It's showtime. #LoveLansing

Can we exploit our cute kids?

Can we exploit our cute kids?

Can we exploit our cute kids?

Can we exploit our cute kids?

Dress rehearsal. Fake nose ON. It looks wierd in this shot, but killer on stage.

Good Mood Food, or terrifying harbinger of the mutant potato invasion to come? #curlyfries

Smoothies: the ultimate brain food.

This is the most pretentious mall food court in the world (I hope).


My stage nose, in larval form. It's going to be incredible when it's fully grown.

Just had the mold made for my prosthetic nose (for the show). Never done this before, big fun.

Yeah not . . . quite.

Approximately 1/16th of the assembled horde. Or is that Alliance? Is that even the right thing? #HarryPotter

NEW WORLD RECORD: thinnest layer of asphalt sealant ever laid, by the guys who "resealed" our parking lot this weekend.

Oh my gosh you guys it is seriously 1000 degrees back here

I, and the rest of the Flaming Idiots cast, will be guest grilling tonight at the Okemos Mongolian BBQ! #LoveLansing