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We're having a very important lunch meeting in conference room 1. #USWNT #ESPN3FTW

Whoa, don't see modified Supras like this in Lansing often.

It's been two months since I've beaten at WWF.

The fireworks're always awesome . . . sticking around for the City of Lansing display just after rules.

If you're going to wear a football jersey to a baseball game, can't do better than this one, today.

Nothin' like minor league baseball on 4th of July, except six-year-old-girls with 2-pound turkey legs.

Now that I have kids, my favorite part of watching fireworks isn't the fireworks.

People are amazing. We're at the park, and I walked by a birthday party. This is the least they'd let me walk past with.

Ohh, man. is really, really, really really really hungry.

Time for to get to work, such as it is. He's got a relief sandwich artist JIC. ()

That's a lot of avocadoes.

I missed these crazy monkeys so much.

What a long, strange trip it's been.

Gettin' closer.

The customer service desk at O'Hare. I'd say this nicely sums it up.

Sitting in the exit row window seat confers status, responsibility, and legroom.

Phoenix sunrise. Under other circumstances, pretty.

Waiting for very delayed flight beer status: Anchor Steam.

Lingering questions from San Francisco: how does Vintage Land Cruiser Guy or Lady get to work?

This Bentley's alarm is set to "bleed ears if someone walks within 20 ft." Going nonstop 10 min. Audible for blocks.