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It's a strong contender. RT : Surely it's the hilliest city in the US.

Roads. Are not. Supposed. To go. Like this.

If I hadn't hit for the #yuppiecycle before, now I'm drinking snobby espresso and running lines for the play I'm in.

This "building directed by Baz Lurhmann," as I put it, is the office of American Zoetrope. Now running lines in the café

Garlic Dungeness Crab with garlic pasta and like some vegetables or something but who cares #garlic

Appetizer: garlic filet mignon chili. #garlic

Garlic butter rolls with garlic relish and garlic-infused oil. #garlic

"We season our garlic with food." This is my JOINT.

At at place called "Show Dogs." Similar concept to something I dreamed up. Andouille hot dog w/BBQ fries.

I saw this and thought, "They misspelled 'Tumblrs'." I might be beyond help.

Okay, San Francisco, riddle me this: why do you always give me my water plain, and my Coke with a lemon?

Not gonna happen.

I think this building was directed by Baz Luhrmann.

I think this building was directed by Baz Luhrmann.

Oops. #yuppiecycle

Had to do Peking duck, though deep-fried squab had me thinking.

Lunched at 'whichcraft; had to try a joint. Blackened flank steak was tasty, but I shoulda branched out.

AT&T signal in SF is truly wretched. Here's what I supped upon . . . veal chop

Beer status: Chimay. On tap.

Getting taken out to Kuleto's, an Italian place. Smells like they're getting it right from the outside . . .