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Burn 1 and think in Police, here stress! concentrated JealĂ­ns

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the Xmas is coming.
Tell me what you feel.......................................seeing your sins punished in Jesus

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some people criticise Alice in Chains [ words ]
why? only show the Dark side of Soul

  • 1214 days ago via site
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Wife kick u,BelivE alcohol makes forget
CocA appears in your life when all u need is a NEW
vicious !

  • 1270 days ago via site
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before the world ends
from Paraiba until Sao Paulo going through Hollywood in 35 min.

  • 1347 days ago via site
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From the start he knew,God had a plan in his life
he not know what was deep down he knew something big will happen

  • 1366 days ago via site
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if u were live in 91's and had the minimum of Engaging with music ,u know that album changed the course of music

  • 1409 days ago via site
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since small u are induced to smoke, drink...

  • 1411 days ago via site
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Today now in this moment ,i know make a rhythm with 3 accords
u know why.....exactly the more Punks in Worrrrrrrld

  • 1415 days ago via site
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17:37 at middle time... who
wanna listen a star dying

  • 1465 days ago via site
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somebody makes my telecine to again night,i just look after change

  • 1467 days ago via site
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there is something more beautifully than death
come on death

  • 1510 days ago via site
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cigarretes make this with you SKIN AND BONE. hahahahahahahahahaha

  • 1556 days ago via site
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Stars shine for millions years before dying

  • 1556 days ago via site
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JUST WHITE wear that shirt in the field

  • 1563 days ago via site
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In my experiences I discovered that the sun in the head kills the fungus that causes of dandruff

  • 1586 days ago via site
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call me whatever you want JEALOUSY I will always say:::

  • 1630 days ago via site
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I don't FEAR investigations
if you will to investigate think 2 times OR_____[...] PEACE

  • 1631 days ago via site
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"Children are an heritage of the Lord" (Psalm 127:3).in the 3 say Courtney we love U ___ 1,2,3,____

  • 1631 days ago via site
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i write messages on money it's my own form of social protest letter printed on paper that no one wiil destroy

  • 1633 days ago via site
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SLY in this film proved that the most FUCKEROUS anabolic don't exceeds the good training

  • 1635 days ago via site
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