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Local news editor @ WCCO-TV, husband, 365-day cyclist, Mpls. resident, Russophile, connoisseur of hip-hop, Concrete Blonde junkie, RPCV (Ukraine). #MyViewsOnly

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This photo purports to be from Nazi-occupied Paris in 1944. Regardless, that is one sweet ride.

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Adrian Peterson admits smoking a "little weed" in court docs. Prosecutor seeks his arrest. More on at 5/6.

  • 362 days ago via site
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has arrived in the courtroom. and will have the latest. Streaming LIVE NOW!

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Scouring the archives I found this 1938 photo of a coach w/ a pair of #LittleBrownJug. What's the story?

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An amateur rendition of the unsanctioned #TeddyBear. Someone is going to make a fortune...

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Cassell out for the year. Someone needs to get going on a version of this in purple. #TeddyTime #Vikings

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Had a good time riding the Skull -N- Bones Gravel Challenge on Saturday. Blog review coming soon to website.

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Tune in to or NOW for a press conference on Adrian Peterson & Vikings starting soon.

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Propaganda & disingenuous journalism by on "documentary" re: Crimea post annexation.

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It was brought to my attention, by , that my outfit is a bit of an homage to the Apple Scarf Guy.

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Possible record tomato from Ely. 8 lbs. This is post mortem after seeds were harvested. #Massacre

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First Tweet from May, second minutes ago. Same organization, had obtained some of the video before first Tweet.

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Remembering a much simpler time, when US-Russia relations weren't so strained.

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Numerous reports of fire @ Dorset House & CompaƱeros overnight. Viewer submitted pic shows lightning in distance.

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This appears to be the area SWAT is concentrating in search for Ty Hoffman @ Blaine airport.

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SWAT team focusing on a heavily wooded area of Blaine Airport in ongoing search for Ty Hoffman.

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SWAT team members appear to be mobilizing for an operation at Blaine Airport as Ty Hoffman search continues.

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For 3rd time there is a large police presence at Blaine airport in search for Ty Hoffman. More on at noon.

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Here is the better photo of the Blaine Bank Robber who looks like suspected killer Ty Hoffman.

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And now a side-by-side with a previously released photo. Ty Hoffman

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