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Co-Founder & CEO, @Kicksend.

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Wow, ’s featured on the App Store in the Mother’s Day section :) Thx Apple!

Was just introduced to a “Milo Dinosaur” by . This is wonderful

FB just rolled out Promoted Posts for regular users... interesting.

Kicksend HQ all to myself

Kicksend featured on Google Play

This is Greg, the latest Kicksend addition.

Never miss a lunch date with wifey.

Who needs a standing desk? #prankwars /cc

Who’s the guy at who changed the checkout flows to this nonsense with breaking JS?

Loading up for strawberry shakes

Festivities commencing.


That's what's up.

Wifey is dressed to the nines #birthdaygirl

Can't escape the madness. He's even in hotel magazines now :-)

In SF tonight for 's birthday.

How is it “Optimal” if I have 1.7GB left to install? Copy matters #diablo

Diablo 3 install screen. However, my SSD’s pegged at 4.5MB/s write, MBP fan on and I’m scared to play during install

Post-launch rooftop celebration at Kicksend HQ #startuplife

From the night before the Kicksend web app launch w/ #startup

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