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If I RT something, it doesn't necessarily mean I agree with it. Sometimes I RT things for balance, or for interest.

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Look out, SCAMMERS want your money! (The best scam email I've ever received)

  • 1139 days ago via site
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#occupy occupies Globe and Mail celebrity photo section, via

  • 1415 days ago via site
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#EDL's Paul Stearnes plagiarises post on new Facebook privacy settings (original here:

  • 1431 days ago via site
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More EDL hate based on 2006 story. Thanks to Fay for these. (fao )

  • 1459 days ago via site
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EDL supporter uses story from 2006 to stir things up before Tower Hamlets demo. Tabloids feed hate.

  • 1459 days ago via site
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For those who can't see the spoof article, here's a screencap.

  • 1501 days ago via site
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EDL polljack a #TheSun poll on the sentence of the Qur'an burning EDLer (via anon)

  • 1588 days ago via site
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EDL very happy about the cross ban victory of the #DailyFail (via anon member)

  • 1588 days ago via site
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Selection of best-rated comments from the Mail's Easter Parade 'ban' story.

  • 1595 days ago via site
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M&C News publish sub-ed's comments in the headline of Minsk bomb story (HT for the find)

  • 1598 days ago via site
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What happened here, then? #DailyFail asks if the UK should have a burka ban with surprising results.

  • 1599 days ago via site
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Mail calls for UK Burka ban, then calls the EDL far-right in photo caption. Self-awareness failure.

  • 1599 days ago via site
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Sometimes, the Fail comments section is delightfully surprising. (story here:

  • 1602 days ago via site
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#DailyFail thinks better of insulting Liverpool, and denigrating women. Change of headline and words edited out.

  • 1603 days ago via site
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EDL member claims Preston will not be celebrating St Georges Day "as it may offend Muslims"

  • 1604 days ago via site
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Great news - lost cat has returned after 15 days, a bit slimmer and with a couple of ticks, but otherwise unhurt. :D

  • 1615 days ago via site
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FAO Littlejohn's opinion on this story about Rev Martin Wray

  • 1619 days ago via site
  • 146 #DailyFail hypocrites judge these naked pics acceptable, and say boyfriend is "a lucky man".

  • 1622 days ago via site
  • 99 this. (Previous version of this story can be seen here #DailyFail dislikes Peaches.

  • 1622 days ago via site
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Evolution of a #DailyFail story. From this:

  • 1622 days ago via site
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