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It’s been a ‘do nothing but watch 1997 ’ kinda day.



they certainly are!

Piccadilly Rats were sporting a new look when I saw them yesterday. Fast becoming one of my fav Manchester bands.

*grinds teeth*


He’s Pixies spotting

what I’m really hoping for is a re-teaming of

MT : Men with deeper voices have lower sperm counts.

wow. That Chevrolet logo with the fat gold cross is really ugly-ing up the new #mufc kit isn’t it. . . Vile.

“Get an Uber” in Google Maps public transport search results.


Reppin’ the late king on my journey south to see the knights of the round table.

Today’s socks are matching. . . Sort of

Thinking about selling KHAAAN!!

Any of you lot know any well-off Trekkie art lovers?

this pic!

I’m in the old HMV. it’s horrible. Modern day shops suck.

looks like they’re all gone

Set fb messaging notifications to badge icon only coz the rest are too intrusive. Get this on open now. AWESOME UX!

I wore a Lucha Libre mask for a while while working today.

Because I could.


Oh. No Yo. No.