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You just know this made the photographer's day. BBC article:

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And oh, hey, they're available in 3-turret armies now! They see you.

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Slander! Lies! Thanks,

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Mind=blown via

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Gadgets in 2000 vs Gadgets in 2012 via (And yes, that appears to be a Samsung Galaxy with an iPhone screen. Now everyone can be happy.)

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It works on so many levels. From (scroll down a little over halfway down the page)

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Developed by , the Bloody Flail is 2-3oz vodka, 4-5oz Bawls, & a splash of grenadine. (Without grenadine, it's just a Flail.)

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Geeky teachers are the best teachers. Gold star for !

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We just plowed through 10 pies: Cadbury Creme Pie, Pulled Pork Pie, Guinness Pie, pie sent in by a fan (thank you, Deanna!), and lots more. We'll have recipes and photos on our blog later today... right after we sleep off the pie. Whew.

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Iron Man via

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Happy pre-prank day to , who just one 1/3 of this stuff, which will include at least some kind of canned meat and an Annoy-a-tron or three. Enjoy! Here's our original, more obfuscated photo: Want more pranking stuff? We have that:

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Geek O'Clock contest! 4/1 is almost here, which means you need pranking devices like It also gives us an opportunity to prank YOU. So @ reply to with hashtag #prankme to enter to win 1/3 of what you (can't really) see in this image--we'll reveal the contents later. You have until 5pm ET, and only one tweet per person, please--though you can also enter via Facebook ( and G+ (ThinkGeek).

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That's just mean.

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Me gusta coffee. Found around the internet, but also here:

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Thank you, Arthur Yet Lew, for making this pun a reality. His original post on FB is and BONUS!! Whokelele:

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We may have a minor eMac infestation.

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This handmade FFI sweater makes us wish for more Winter. Details here if you're on :

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Say o hai to SMX West! So you won't be unduly worried, the session is about Twitter and 's followers generally, so we won't be talking about what you're having for dinner unless you want us to. (We hope it'll be tasty.)

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From the things you never knew you needed to make file: Stained-glass TARDIS.

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