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We're in full-on CS temp prep mode! This year's gaggle of lucky ducks will have the opportunity to time travel on 13-year-old iMacs. Some of the kids we're interviewing are scarcely 5 years older than these dinosaurs but we think they'll get the hang of it. Would you like to experience 1998 computing, too? WE ARE HIRING: Just don't open more than 3 browser windows at once, mkay?

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Yoohoo, Mr. UPS delivery man, we have a few things for yooooouuuu...

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Happy Ask a Stupid Question Day! Here's one: Wanna win a mystery prize by random drawing? Reply w/ hashtag #stupidquestion by 4pm ET!

What's in the pile: Zombie hoodie, Roll up bluetooth keyboard, Banana phone, 3 USB ITs, Doubletap hat, 2 Micro sonic grenades, Hand notepad, In disguise magnets, 2 8 bit bouquets, My Life in Graphs book, Magnetic levitating Earth, Star Wars light saber wiimote, Electronic guitar shirt, Space invader hoodie, Linux tux hat, Origami napkins, Bodygard survivor, 2 Star Trek-style car fish things, Fun fly stick, Spynet video watch, Geek Dad book by Ken Denmead, Sega Genesis plug & play console, Etch-a-sketch iPad case, Etch-a-sketch iPhone 4 case, App magnets, NextStar harddrive dock, Cellphone signal booster kit, Drivemocion. (NOTE: JAYNE TIMMY NOT INCLUDED. Nice try.)

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BuckyCubes will be in stock soon, but if you want some now--and FOR FREE--@ reply to ! First three replies will win a set, and everyone else wins this excellent photograph of Mr. Mindel, the guy in charge of getting these things in stock. BuckyCubes page where you can sign up for email updates:

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Reunited and it feels sooo goooood... (You may remember how we found them when we first met at NASA Goddard: ) Thanks for coming by for a tour, Camilla!

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Yes, its dark heart still beats--though not from our door. It fell off on 8/15 after a 112-day reign of terror. Since then, it's been languishing on Timmycam at and getting ever-crustier. When we asked you guys for feedback on what to do with it next, you said run experiments, so we're in the process of preparing for that. Please don't tell the Mutant Jello!

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They're lightsabers. See it? Candy corn sparks ftw. This photo was taken before total cupcake annihilation (that is, before a TG HQ-wide email with "OMG CUPCAKES IN THE KITCHEN NAO" in the body was sent around).

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Yoshi is codemonkey Jacob's cat and he comes to visit us every now and then. He's pretty much a dog in a cat suit and loves to have visitors--even Timmy, until they started to fight over the hat, which it turns out is NOT a toy.

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Presenting Loch ThinkGeek. We've sandbagged the doors outside just in case, but it's not helping the kitchen leak. Good thing we had our water recycling bin handy.

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We tweeted Thursday evening that we were going to have a mess of crabs while watching Young Frankenstein. We did, and would have tweeted some pics, except crabs don't mix with haptic devices. Here they are a day late!

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Right. So. That looks like a fun meeting.

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This is Stephanie Karleen Martin's wedding cake as she posted it to our Facebook wall (original: ) today. She writes, "Props to Michelle and Denis at MaD Cakes in Vancouver for creating this masterpiece from my vision!" <3 <3 <3

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Meet Harley, one of our office dogs! She's a brindle rescue pitty and is just about the sweetest thing on four legs--except for our occasional office kitties, of course. Freebies up for grabs today include: Minecraft foam pickaxe, Vader's Dark Side coffee, Minecraft sticky notecube, Luke Skywalker bottle opener, GeekDad book, two Geek A Week card packs, mobile phone nunchucks, and Minecraft fridge magnets. To win, reply to with a tweet tagged #dogday by 5pm and we'll choose a random winner!

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He's watching over some TOP SECRET items that are currently being molded in resin. It's stinky stuff. So as you're out having a lovely weekend, think of Hans increasing his cancer risk just for you.

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He's right next to the signed Guild & xkcd comics & a row of Geek A Week cards. Timmy Dalek stands guard on a GeekWay because it's so awesome--not that Daleks need Segways to get around. (Please don't hurt me, .) Thanks for the awesome cross stitch, !

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