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What, did you really think he has a suit!? Timmy & Tux will be journeying to Seattle to see Tara & Alexander get married at the one and only Space Needle on May 29. Tara noted that she hopes he likes champagne--clearly she doesn't know what she's getting into. Can't wait to see the pics!

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Before and after Stephanie. They were so pretty, you monster!!

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Thank you for your cooperation. Good Cinco de Mayo.

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If stereotyping a rich culture just to have an excuse for margaritas is wrong, we don't want to be right. Actually, it would be nice to be right, but we'll forget after a drink or three. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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This zipline project from The GeekDad's Guide to Weekend Fun was actually written by our very own Jamie Grove, head of ThinkGeek's evil schemes and nefarious marketing plans, so needless to say it's both evil and nefarious. But Timmy didn't get it right with the USB cables. And it's really more like a swing. More on GeekDad's Guide:

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It hasn't moved a millimeter for almost a week, but it is starting to sag and the outside is a little, um, crusty. Compare to 4/27: We remain vigilant.

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Don't worry; everyone was fine. But it was scary there for a minute. Thanks again, TJHSST!

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This is how it went, we hope: "What's this nonsense? 'Extreme Monkey-Powered Awesomeness?' For Grant? Hmmmrffff. Figures." WE <3 YOU, JAMIE!

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Superfan Bob B created this ThinkGeek car for his iRacing Indy Car league, and he came by today for a tour and to drop off a model for Timmy. You see what number it is, right? Good. We're honored, Bob!

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On the upside, it hasn't grown, so we don't need fire extinguishers. And if you're wondering why we had this around the office, this is the stuff we used for the Gummy iPhone cases ( It's a 3x Jello-to-water ratio if you'd like to stick things to your window, too.

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Angela S. posted this amazing "Titania" dragon cake--with our Magic d20--to our Facebook wall earlier today ( and we just had to share.

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Thank you , , , and unidentified-thrift-store-Star-Trek-trading-card obtainer for: signed BANANAVENGER art, Star Wars Craft Book (one duct tape AT-AT planter coming right up!), Star Wars playing cards, the most Leiaified packaging ever, some Jayne Hat Fairy stickers, and Riker. Oh, Riker.

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It's the time of year for pop rocks. Of course.

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As a joke, we mark down today as "Send ThinkGeek a Pizza Day" in our custom Despair calendar. We usually get a pizza or two each year, but this year--PIZZA DELUGE.

Our full, happy bellies would like to thank:

A mystery benefactor who sent a meatlovers pizza from Pizza Hut.
Mark Covington, who sent FIVE pizzas from Papa Johns.
A Mr. or Ms. Stefant, who sent two meaty pizzas from Dominos.
, who sent 2 meaty pizzas from local shop Paisanos.

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Poor K-9! Doctor Timmy vows to take good care of him in Sarah Jane's absence, but you know how emotional he can get. BBC reports:

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Surprise, it's $99,058! Some of you seemed to forget that we have Monopoly money in stock; the median guess was just $32,145. There are 6 packs of Monopoly money in the pile ($16,550 per pack), and a little bit subtracted to be evil, just 'cause. Congrats, !

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Guess how much money (without going over) is in this pic to win the stuff oh so cleverly hidden under it. @ reply your guess to with the hashtag #moneypile by 4pm ET today (4/15/2011) to enter! And yes, you win the money too--but the Scrooge McTimmy stays here.

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You'd think his arm would get tired eventually. LLAP, Spock!

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