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  • 1589 days ago via site
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"Nope, I haven't seen Han Solo in days. By the way... we need to talk about your TPS reports."

  • 1590 days ago via site
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Does it smell as bad on the... oh, nevermind.

  • 1590 days ago via site
  • 2,367

O hai im in ur L33TT car settin off ur alarms

  • 1591 days ago via site
  • 2,330

Old Spice: My Paul and Storm cover band. ( )

  • 1594 days ago via site
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FINALLY! Timmy's costumes have arrived back home after a borked trip to Comic-Con. Resume cosplay.

  • 1598 days ago via site
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So exciting. This new warehouse has a fancy new picking machine that will make our shipments more accurate... and ROBOTIC.

  • 1598 days ago via site
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We received this headcrab (with broken left forelimb) as a return with attached note. First to @ reply that you'll give him a good home can adopt him!

  • 1601 days ago via site
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We're remodeling the CS suite so we've got helpful minions stashed all over the place. These guys have commandeered the conference room.

  • 1603 days ago via site
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I said, "I need a pic of you so they can find you!" And she sent this. Be the 1st to tweet us your pic w/ Mary & win a $50 gift certificate!

  • 1604 days ago via site
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Why is John Locke marketing at me? Twitter is a strange, strange place.

  • 1606 days ago via site
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