Once upon a time I was just a food blogger in Maine. Now I'm a pastry chef in NYC. These are thoughts I have.

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this caramel chunk looks like a brontosaurus! or a scorpion/elephant hybrid



GIANT box o' gunpowder from Chinese med shop= $5. pen for size comparison. smells so good & smoky. it's my morning tea but I'm trying it now

Paris-Brest achievement unlocked!!

really proud of my linzer tart from yesterday. I think it was one of the prettiest in the class. very yummy too!

question: does that look like a sno-cone? I think I should repaint it neon colors but Zack says it's perfect

I had to buy a calculator for my exam because we can't use phones. only one at store. pen for size comparison. 819 = BIg

nectarine sorbet with blackberries...also the last one was olive oil, not verbena. Oops

verbena crema with basil syrup and strawberry granita. Meredith Kurtzman is my new god

corn gelato on brioche from Meredith Kurtzman. YUM

oh hey check out mah Bavarian Cream Tart from class today

I think Bowser would like that bath now. awwwww


"I asked for mice, wtf is this stuff? Rice? What's that?"

is it wrong to put the shrinking iceberg polar bear on a sno-cone? because, uh, I totally did

totally rad giftsies from mom & dad. lavender and cinnamon hooray!!!

we also made baked apricot tarts with a custard filling and nice shiny glaze

today in pastry class, we flambéed apples for Alsatian tarts

here's that pear tart from class. it's pretty! hanging out in my freezer now.