Once upon a time I was just a food blogger in Maine. Now I'm a pastry chef in NYC. These are thoughts I have.

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neato tortoise that lives in a pet store. he is much much bigger than Bowser

ok pastry people. this is the only thing in my kit that baffles me. 10 inch steel. what it do?

Finally assembled tequila shot cupcakes. Pity most won't get eaten since I live alone and am sort of reclusive.

lunch time! then back to work on apple tarts

time for lunch! working on apple tarts today

time for lunch! working on apple tarts today


they're not pretty but they smell gooood. gonna rehydrate & browse my textbook then candy some lime slices!

hello old friend :)

me and STEVE BUSCEMI!!! have I mentioned that I love him more than Johnny Depp? because I totally do

Amy Adams on the red carpet yo

I don't know who this is but she's an actress and she's here

I don't know who this I'd but she's an actress and she's here

he is very hot in person

imperfect but acceptable quenelles achieved! chilling in the freezer to harden before pics in the hothot kitchen

hey and everyone else!!! DUCKY!!!

omg manatee puppet!! yay!!!! you will also get to meet this grumpy little guy (Bowser T Tortoise)

I SHOULD go do laundry. Or photograph some food. Or other important stuff. I will probably end up painting the ducky.

This is Mr. Pigeon. You can buy him and four of his friends at in lovely Bay Ridge

Sketched the duck