Once upon a time I was just a food blogger in Maine. Now I'm a pastry chef in NYC. These are thoughts I have.

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There's a secret rose in every quince custard pie, shhh...

le menu

I'm buying more paper cups for my panna cottas. I always get the octopus ones.

more of this (it's a work errand)

Quince custard pie with toasted almonds and coriander lemon confit

Chocolate pretzel tart with salted caramel whipped cream

Well, I'm psyched. New dessert...Persimmons & Pistachios w/brown sugar yogurt panna cotta & cinnamon syrup

My First Goat. Extra spicy Biryani with black cardamom and kickass herbs. Also I had a rose lassi. #ProjectEATMEAT

Trifle 3 of 3: Peanut Butter Cake, homemade grape jelly, crushed peanuts, grape jelly cream

Trifle 2 of 3: Chardonnay Cake, orange blossom cantaloupe balls, blueberries, cream

Trifle 1 of 3: Devil's Food Cake, fresh raspberries, vanilla cream

WORTH THE WAIT. Hamburger parm spaghetti sandwiches. #heckyesstaffmeal

Toasted Oat Brisée...waiting for Experimental Monday. Can't wait!!

I hated my rainboots so I bought these. They are not rainboots. I know this. But they ARE awesome.

Now this is a thing, too. The dough tastes AMAZING.

So, toasted oat flour is a thing now.

New dessert yay! Chocolate zucchini cake, ganache, choc-ricotta mousse, hazelnut brittle, chantilly

I left the chef in charge of cutting this bad boy

I heard it was National Peach Pie Day. is still running peaches & cream pie special. #hinthint