Once upon a time I was just a food blogger in Maine. Now I'm a pastry chef in NYC. These are thoughts I have.

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More of this plz.

Brunch pastries at : cream biscuits, blueberry muffins, corn muffins, banana oatmeal bread. NOM

The restaurant is still cute. Even when the weather terrifies.

ta daaaa! I'll let you know what happens tomorrow :)

Peaches & cream pie dessert special still running at Tiny's...

Dessert special tonight at Tiny's! Peaches & cream pie. Creamy cool & summery!

So many cherries...but I'm dreaming of apricots.

I think for National Ice Cream Sandwich Day you should go to Tiny's in TriBeCa & order this

Tiny's & the Bar Upstairs in TriBeCa. That's where I get my pastry on 6 days a week ;)

Honestly my current favorite thing I make is the salted honey whipped cream that goes w/this cake.

New desserrrrrt!!! Black Forest Ice Cream Sandwich :D

frankenthing w/mochi shortbread, coconut/cocoanib filling, espresso meringue top

Behold! The handsomest tortoise around!

did not one but THREE new paintings last night!! whale is for my boss, the other two will be for sale soon

oooo, thunder. scary clouds rolling down through Brooklyn...

oh hey, I did another painting! Sailfishkebab!

new dessert at Hearth tonight: mascarpone cheesecake with red wine cherries & pecan crunchies!

churning something rather delightful. almost ready to freeze, then downstairs I go for MORE SUGAR

spring has sprung at Hearth! walk in is filled with ramps :D

finished my painting. managed to get paint on my hoodie & jeans though. my ONLY jeans. :(