Once upon a time I was just a food blogger in Maine. Now I'm a pastry chef in NYC. These are thoughts I have.

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Cold fried chicken in ketchup "chocolate"...bizarre but not bad

went to Village Tart. Vasily the walrus sums up Zack's feelings towards it (I was merely underwhelmed)

I made a wedding cake! something I plan to never ever do again!

RIP Mudge :( you were a good doggy and a great friend

GIANT batch of pate sucree dough I made tonight. like 4 lbs of butter!! my boot in frame for size comparison

plated dessert diagrams...using all rectangular plates because I'm cool like that :P 7 more to go...ugh

sugar snowman in progress

penguin at home, also made from sugar. I didn't make it but I suggested the penguin

sugar fireplace, part of my class' Winter Wonderland sugar project. YES it's allllll sugar!

cookies? nooooo...

I made candy canes :)

nerdy octopus (currently quadropus) made of sugarrrrr

chocolate Kitchenaid = SUCCESS!!! I can't believe it.

vanilla cupcaaaaake

snickerdoodle = consumed. this is a choc covered pretzel and pumpkin cake ball

oh yeah, my little friends are all up on the wall here!

tres leches cake at ...layers of cake, milky products, whipped cream....oooooh. snickerdoodle next I think. warmed? yes

ok guys...what would YOU do with this? dessert-wise? haven't opened to taste yet but betting it'd be nice with olive oil

heh, you know those apples that are like half and half hybrids? mine appears to be a quarter hybrid

chompa chompa...mmm, fake cake.