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I moan, I complain, I despair, I sigh and finally I have a cuppa tea. Caveat Emptor: I use Adult language occasionally — My CG twitter is on @MarkBTomlinson

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Having some finger flicking fun with some Blues scales.

Sent by PhotoForge2 test this nice app which is on sale thankfully.

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This is the shitter. Twitpic and yfrog giving me grieve.

This little shit just took a - well shit on my desk. I sit there wondering what the little black marks are as more start to appear.

I want to put a shout out for the #inkpad app from the iPad; t is amazingly flexible for vector sketches like this:

These are my #skype settings more I can not find. I looks like Skype is broadcasting my user name somewhere, cos I ain't

O' to be in Germany now that musics here, or not! Fuck you #Gema

I wonder why this looks familiar.
Time to patent those colours trolls, as they seem popular.

Found #Trackpad settings that work in #Lion and allow #iPhoto to #scroll photos once more, no other combo seems to work.

This must be a minute in the land of very long days as this has been up for over 10 minutes it seems stuck at 6MB again.

Perhaps this is just not powerful enough which would be a shame.

Dallas is coming back I wonder if we all wake up in the shower.

Not quite the link is there but it goes to this. Not as much fun as the real thing. Stop teasing us.

Looks like I am in the dark. Okay till tomorrow.

Why for the love of sanity doesn't the Mac Twitter client have Copy in its context menu. The stuff in there I never use.

As requested by the house owner I have fixed the house for the web.

Is anyone else having problems buy from iTunes at the moment, the UK variant if it helps.

in CS5 you can choose you anti alias settings for export.

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