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Married to a wonderful man. Attempting to be a good role model for his daughter. Raising two mutts, Goocher & Penny, who are obnoxiously needy about snuggling.

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The graffiti says " Shit on My Live Know I SHIT ON YOU!" Tragedy + comedy + reality =

Turning to for help with the fruit from 's tree. #canvolution #jamaniac

This crazy, stinky dog won't leave me alone. is lucky I love her.

Check it:

It was Professor Plum in the lounge with the knife! #familygamenight

Behold my jelly bag! Making pectin for the first time.

Oh, . I thought we were past this stage. And just when we got rid of your crate. <sigh>

When I am useless tomorrow from lack of sleep I will remind myself that I completed the (1-star) sudoku in ink.

Did I share this with you? It's my horoscope from Monday. :-)

#GoochSays "Mother & Bill buy in bulk to *save* money! So they can buy us more things!" gets anxious, see.

Bill: "Michigan brings out the daredevil in you."

Take *that* crossword puzzle from 8/20!

Dear : When did this room become non-smoking, yesterday? Also, do the Gideons know about this? SB

Think they serve these?

Look at my horoscope from Monday. :-)

I recently saw a recipe that called for this item and I didn't know what it was. (Still don't.)

Offered without comment.

This Let It Out sentiment reminded me of .

Me: "Listen for your phone in case I fall." Bill: "Are you going to climb the tree?" Me: "No." #urbanforaging

Looking through vacation photos I notice a pattern. Can you guess what it is from this clue?