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Brisk 4 mile walk this morning. I

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2185 days ago

Brisk 4 mile walk this morning. I


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BigFatButterfly 1952 days ago

OMG you must have an amazing job!

natazz__ 1977 days ago

I hope you enjoyed your walk although it looks very cold! and if i'm not mistaken would that be the Plaza Hotel in the background?

cazzy77 1978 days ago

i am loving your photo's , i could never in my lifetime go to those places so it nice to see them on photos :)

sexymuscledudes 2088 days ago

The man I wouldmost like to be stuck in a lift with!

lizziemade 2100 days ago

A smile from Stephen makes the morning more worthwhile.

geoconn 2113 days ago

Nice pic.

georgialena 2116 days ago

Awh, the smile! Stephen, you're like a bright wee ray of sunshine!

ashleighwells 2121 days ago

Gentleman of distinction demonstrates the art of taking pictures of oneself (after how many attempts was this?). Mr Fry, you and I have eerily similar hairstyles. I feel almost proud (yet coincidentally, almost alarmed) to have accidentally styled mine on

moonie954 2123 days ago

Stephen - you are precious! "pinches cheeks*

ktwb089 2123 days ago

You really are one handsome young man xxx

leRosemont 2124 days ago

I'm incredibly jealous of you - I want to go to New York!

emiliaf 2128 days ago

If only you weren't gay, and maybe 20years younger... :-)

montagfire 2129 days ago

Hey, my baby niece just smiled at this!!!

StrictlyDancer 2155 days ago

I adore this picture of you. It makes me smile back. Brightens my day. Thankyou

creamedrice 2165 days ago

america is definitely your thing but norfolk is still so pretty where will you settle?

thespinningone 2172 days ago

He is beautiful in any colour :)))

CountryMumkin 2174 days ago

And you are so beautifully empinken'd!

kimyoofilms 2180 days ago

You look happy and your hair looks great! Don't suppose that's a Tom Baker scarf, though? :D

samcleasby 2180 days ago

ve? New? York? "I not know it was New York, in chinese ny means you, Thought it was "I love you"

samcleasby 2180 days ago

I asked him did he really love New York or was he just wearing the shirt. He smiled, like he was nervous. I could tell he didnt understand, which made me feel guilty for speaking English, for some reason.

I pointed at his shirt. "Do? You? Really? Lo