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1898 days ago


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Darya_Ti 1508 days ago

fearlessknits no, you are not! =)

fearlessknits 1801 days ago

Is it just me who is reminded of the Green Day song, 'King for a day'?

LadyGirlPerson 1861 days ago

Are you EVER boring?! Never! Love it!

maribyla1 1863 days ago

This is unbelievable! It suits and fits you like a glove :)

Dreschy 1863 days ago


eseniablandova 1863 days ago

God, save the King.

Themaddane79 1866 days ago

I think you would make everybody want a monarchy.

saikokakabadze 1871 days ago

You know, a finished watching Monty Python's Flying Circus and started watching "A bit of Fry and Laurie"... Damn, guys, you're both are geniuses!!! Снимаю шляпу

AlcatFiveZeroUK 1872 days ago

aargh all bow to king fry !

sophietegan 1872 days ago

I definitely have to agree with !

Cheri_x 1872 days ago

All hail. I think the world would be a better place with you in charge!

DawnLizzyR 1883 days ago

King Fry! Love It! xx

sallywestern 1889 days ago

Christ, this is reminiscent of 'A bit of Fry & Laurie'

mpatton62 1889 days ago

You celebrated your birthday at Burger King! (looks good)

FannyDefoe 1889 days ago

playi' king for a day :D :D nice

iEeftoch 1892 days ago

King Fry..... Sounds good! There's a video on youtube with you in/at(?) the University Challenge, and when you push the button they say Queens, Fry but it really sounds like Queen Fry

ellareed_ 1894 days ago

Is it bad that I have to wear that exact crown each birthday? The parentals have very originally dubbed it the 'Birthday Crown'

KimLisaKenny 1897 days ago

Love it! xoxoxo

fluffybex 1897 days ago

OMG! You look like my uncle at christmas dinner. Where's your cracker? LMAO!

janipantz 1897 days ago

that is officially the coolest crown ever, but even better is the pure look of delight on your it