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2620 days ago


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dinky2blue 2482 days ago

would you really?

Baybar 2540 days ago

its the sleeping pills that concern me old chap .....

Ceri_O 2557 days ago

I have one of these inserted as we speak!

hebo69 2559 days ago

I need to know where I can get one of these mmmmmmmm!!

montagfire 2568 days ago

I mean the brush.

montagfire 2568 days ago

You don't sit on it then?

davidbdale 2616 days ago

I mean, is there ANOTHER way to look at this thing?

adrivior 2617 days ago

it looks like a ninja sort of weapon.

ferndavant 2618 days ago

I have one of those.They're bloody useful. I always thought they were flippig me off, though. But then again, I'm American.

Selma11 2619 days ago

As someone who wears six rings and has to put them somewhere precarious on the washbasin, I'm not going to poke fun at this thing... so to speak.

Blisschick 2620 days ago

I think I had one of these once...I'll never think of them the same way again! :-/

irisred 2620 days ago

My grandma has one of these - should I be concerned??

tourmaline1973 2620 days ago

"Rest Your Ring Here"

leahrose89 2620 days ago

Is that a badger hair shave brush?

toowit_toowoo 2620 days ago

I haven't seen one of those since I was little. My gran used to have one... And I think I may have used it as some kind of boat while playing make-believe games with her ornaments.

So forgive me if I hate you all dearly for this.

crimsong19 2620 days ago

May I ask what that is?

TrishBxNY 2620 days ago

I have one of those!! Got it in Ireland a few years back. Although I keep mine on my bedroom dresser, not in the bathroom... Thanks to you, though, I'm now going to laugh at my "butt-plug" everytime I look at it!!! :)

flipperville 2620 days ago

s'alright, I'm sure Jeeves knows what to do with it ;)

Ianuam 2620 days ago

I'm never going to be able to look at a Hotel bathroom adornments in the same way again.

Fryphile 2620 days ago

*groan* Guess I have to return your Christmas gift now.