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2373 days ago


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BeccaLuvsBecca 2368 days ago

like the bag where can i get one from please teell mr fry lol

ronanodriscoll2 2368 days ago

great show. thanks for the laugh but go easy on ireland

StephyWalsh 2371 days ago

Spill the beans what did you get............

FineandCountryP 2372 days ago

Are they of the same standard on QI?

MizGarfield 2372 days ago

What was in it? Pls tell us!!!

enyap_ynot 2372 days ago

Excellent!. Only another 2-3 years before we get to see it in Australia. *sigh*

jdm01 2372 days ago

Never leave home without the Bose - quite right! :0)

sjbodell 2372 days ago

We have those exact phones in my office in Louisville, Kentucky. What larks!

lukeneilpepper 2372 days ago

Nice to know Graham goes to so much trouble

derrickandsara 2372 days ago

Don't 4get to take the soap it's compulsory.

monkeyaround92 2372 days ago

you are on the graham norton show!?! SO EXCITED!

R_Arblaster 2372 days ago

, it's called "hospitality" making guests feel really welcome ;-)

liamhere 2372 days ago

did you get a free gram in the that whats the fiver is for????

liamhere 2372 days ago

but was any of the free stuff any good? spill the beans on what you got...please

Neilkn 2372 days ago

Just what the wealthy and famous need - Some free stuff - FFS!

rekaterac 2373 days ago

Is that your thong in the back ground Mr Fry?

EleanorRoscuro 2373 days ago

Swish Swoo!!

HelenofTrog 2373 days ago

As would say-'Take your canvas baaaags......'

IanBHunter 2373 days ago

I see you’re money laundering

laniscat 2373 days ago

Hello Stephen, I have enjoyed looking at your photo's, but dare I say a little tuition would help. ps I am available for such!