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2674 days ago


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AlcatFiveZeroUK 2657 days ago

mmm nice bag full of goodies

kurtismarsh 2671 days ago

I am a fan of the bag itself.

StephyWalsh 2672 days ago

Freebies are great! I could spend a fortune on perfume etc. but I get more excited about the free samples they throw in!!

MickCrisp 2673 days ago

Went on the Big Breakfast years ago. It true about never meeting your "heroes"

angiedoodle 2674 days ago

I love getting presents like this one. xx

Dumplin75 2674 days ago

Did you run home and try out all the stuff? Or will you regift it at xmas?

stefan_Tho 2674 days ago

Use it, or slip it in rappings for relatives to enjoy?

Neilkn 2674 days ago

I see he kept away from the mars bar, ripple or even double decker type stuff- he is so thoughtful.

IanBHunter 2674 days ago

Wow! It's like a perfumed Dresden down there.

FrankfurtsGem 2674 days ago

You are the lucky owner of the most wonderful eyemask of Dr.Hauschka!Reduces puffiness and makes you look 10 years younger,congrats!

WiseCraft 2674 days ago

Very nice goody , feedback on same please lol. xx

catwomans_eye 2674 days ago

That is odd. Maybe they think you must smell sexy and be kinder to your skin!

Tkeala 2674 days ago

You got 10 x wattenpads!!

absolutelyman 2674 days ago

Yes man! Absolutely man!

yorkshirelassey 2674 days ago

I bet your so excited about going home and trying the hair removal cream.......yeeeehaaaaa...

Princ3ss_Lynn 2674 days ago

pfffff! Its not Choccies and wine, give it back x x

aubreygroves 2674 days ago

I´ll just take that lump of dope, but you can keep the rest

ralphdot 2674 days ago

I want one

ralphdot 2674 days ago

I want one

Amy2979 2674 days ago

OOOOOoooooh v nice :o)