I love my baby!!!

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2635 days ago

I love my baby!!!


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TheCrazedOne37 2521 days ago

Youu guyss are the perfect couple :D x

Roisinhaiii 2531 days ago

Dont be dissing someone else's hubby when your nothing special yourself hunny!

ValeryHilario 2533 days ago

hes soo ugly iuukkkk.... :p

JenBoddison 2536 days ago

omg i would die for someone like lamar at least you've got someone treating you right khloe i hope you to last forever

llileiny 2542 days ago

you and lamar are too cute

willinan 2545 days ago

You guy makes such a great couple.

AL_Yee019 2551 days ago

Love you guys! My boyfriend plays college basketball and I really hate it sometimes because of all the sluts throwthing themselves at him lol so I can't imagine what its like for you! Please give me some advice!

YasminaDashing 2556 days ago

saw your wedding on E! i swear i never cried so much it was beautiful !

Tesialuvszayden 2563 days ago

Such a kute couple im so happy 4 da both of yall... if ur n luv ur n love fuck wat a hater say!!! give them bastards shyt 2 tawk abt haha dats wat i do love ya khlo!!!

JaneSirius 2564 days ago

a match made in heaven.khloe i pray u don't follow the hollywood trend and divorce him later on.it would give me great joy to see u guys make it through.its no picnic,but i believe u can make it

anadely26 2567 days ago

u look soooooooooooo good together.>>>>>>>>>>>>
i wish dat best girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yazzy_cierra 2575 days ago

Awwwww so adorable :)

lauralara77 2583 days ago

You two are lovely together - and you'll have such beautiful babies

AlwaysInfinity1 2583 days ago

i can see in your face khloe that your in love with him... you both are perfect for each other

BestiesGirl 2583 days ago

Yous are a beautiful couple :]

MorganAHeath 2583 days ago

i am so happy for you two...beautiful, sweet couple

ima_Dance4U 2589 days ago

he's soo tall geshhh

Mandoreno 2591 days ago

Yall make such a cute couple!

SusansBiz 2593 days ago

You look a little Elvira/Vampire Goddess here. Looks like you are ready to devour your husband. I agree somebody's STONED for sure!

ayeOgee 2593 days ago

who's smoking doobies