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Enormous and verdurous candy cane greenery in 57th street

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2913 days ago

Enormous and verdurous candy cane greenery in 57th street


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dinky2blue 2781 days ago

is that blossom or lights on those trees??? lol

rupertlord 2827 days ago

Home of Brasserie 8 1/2 unless I am very much mistaken. Where the Maitre D' gave me a box of cookies to take to my next meeting in a gesture that left me simultaneously confused, touched and a little alarmed

bartholomea 2828 days ago

...or foliar effluent pipes with foliar effluvium. Depends which way you look at it.

TVBlogster 2837 days ago

Ah..this is my home. NYC that is - not this street.

petethomas00 2858 days ago

worlds largest cannabis

Peteinhull 2869 days ago

Excellent use of the word 'verdurous'. A highly underused word.

jellybellybrain 2879 days ago

All those trees festooned in lights! Oh my.

Jerseyborn 2910 days ago

Use to live in NYC and passed this building daily. I have to say I miss it terribly. The city looks so bright and gorgeous. Very nice picture. Love the candy canes.

brookesia 2910 days ago

Do you think rotating the pic to the left would make the canes fall between (beware: on!) the passers-by? OK, not really the season's spirit, I know... ;-)

yeahyeahyeah909 2912 days ago

Perhaps NYC is full of giants with limps? I don't suppose you've seen any on your travels? Would explain a lot =)

JamesJM 2912 days ago

What a great shot! Nice colours, composition, everything...!

dreamingshadow 2912 days ago

Wow, that looks immense. Everything looks so big there!

magicae 2913 days ago

Wow, that's huge!

tamsinthompson 2913 days ago

Love the trees, too!

cerealjoe 2913 days ago

Oh! I love this! Hope they are covered in lights to shine nicely at night.

redINKdiary 2913 days ago

love the fairy lights on the trees too

PeggyTryton 2913 days ago

They're lovely! And they're to scale. A large building needs large candy canes.

crimsong19 2913 days ago

Christ, those things are huge!

Thiefree 2913 days ago

Never mind the picture, I'm still tingling at the word 'verdurous!' Thanks for another word in the vocab, Stephen.

javicuna 2913 days ago

He's using a Canon PowerShot G10 (Based on the EXIF data)