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Polar bears this time...

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2234 days ago

Polar bears this time...


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DavidBUtley 2148 days ago

Not surprised they're all laughing, the bear on the right is chewing a donkeys fancy bit.... so that's where the nativity scene went!

CaptainSchnell 2148 days ago

I'd hit that.

LilsLyfe 2149 days ago

Ahh it's probably just to stop them scratching their eczema

ArtistLaLa 2156 days ago

Not more naked pics, sorry bare one's.

Alan_Payne 2160 days ago

Can't beat a bit of animal violence at xmas

TWITUYU 2177 days ago

Global warming forces Polar bears to seek new career.

ryanduffy1990 2183 days ago

The walrus needs a speech bubble saying "Nice to see you, to see you nice." x

brenjamin 2200 days ago

Heehee, I was only watching the episode of QI tonight with the question on Lion v Bear fighting.

Facenna 2233 days ago

Oh my goodness - dog-man (on the right) is even more frightening than ram-man! 8-O

michael_elliott 2233 days ago

so i was afraid2see your pics,cause nyc at xmas reminds me of recent bad turning pt in life,SIGH&then-HAHAHAHAHAHA BOXING POLAR BEARS!!

Tealan 2234 days ago

This looks like something out of The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman (ch. 20) but with gloves.

Fryphile 2234 days ago

Bipolar bears.

sabrinaobscura 2234 days ago

nothing says christmas like bears fighting.

crimsong19 2234 days ago

Why not throw Mike Tyson into the mix?

Sara_Kim 2234 days ago

I'm more scared of the Sea Lion in a Trilby on the left :s x x x

lovelykatherine 2234 days ago

What shop was this???