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A ram ...

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2057 days ago

A ram ...


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DavidBUtley 1970 days ago

Gettin short of Xmas window dressing ides in old NY then!

paddyanne 1979 days ago


darrenroberts 1981 days ago

Goat in a Coat

SanSebastiano 1981 days ago

Ralph Lauren I presume?

zimabz 1983 days ago

Now thats my kind of guy....

imnothere26 1983 days ago

Ram a lamb a ding dong. I really want one, and a penguin x

montagfire 2011 days ago

Are you a vampire? Where's your reflection?

JoStutz 2022 days ago

"for the ram about town" mmmm smashin'. golfing slacks, a country walk jumper and a body warmer, complete with hanky, finish a truly marvellous outfit.... I like it.

MacMonkey 2027 days ago

What a wonderous ram... I'm truely in awe of it's style. I wish I could accessorise with penguins.

yeahyeahyeah909 2055 days ago

Great White Shark, Tiger Woods...Tartan Ram. The new heavy weight golfing champion of the world.

kimyoofilms 2056 days ago

Crikey...did Guillermo del Toro design these displays or something? Actualy...I take it back. It reminds me of the devil effects from a flick called La Chiesa.

jimdunn 2056 days ago

It may be New York but that ram has a 90210 waist.

keithwalmsley 2056 days ago

thats at bergdorf i believe

mutleybadger 2056 days ago

Wonderful. When did Mr Ramsey start presenting the wether channel?

dreamingshadow 2056 days ago

Now that is frightening. If animals took over the world (in style).

nongenderous 2056 days ago

The ram looks like something from a fairytale/folklore.

PerseusBlakeney 2057 days ago

Very 21st century Max Ernst.

spyderkl 2057 days ago

That outdoes the other BG windows in the creepiness factor.

weaselbacon 2057 days ago

OMG the tight plaid pants. He's an emo lumberjack ram!

StrictlyDancer 2057 days ago

.........must be his big curly horn