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The Flatiron building

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2779 days ago

The Flatiron building


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dinky2blue 2648 days ago

woah, incredible, i love architecture when its meant to be admired!

glasnOZt 2683 days ago

One of my two favourite buildings (t'other one's the Gherkin). Marvellous piece of architecture - everyone gets a window!

DavidBUtley 2693 days ago

The flagpole helps to support it when it gets windy. That guy is asleep!

ArtistLaLa 2702 days ago

Its a takeaway building that fits in your wallet

paddyanne 2702 days ago

wow, wheres the rest of it. did mr attitude bang into the camera? shoulda gone to specsavers x

TVBlogster 2703 days ago

Didn't the term "22 Skidoo" (or 23 Skidoo) originate there in the early part of the last century? The building is on 22nd or 23rd street and the odd shape of the building would make ladies skirts go up on a windy day.

janefarrington 2703 days ago

wow what a great picture!

niffster 2705 days ago

Makes me want to go back as I didn't get to see the flatiron building, 3 days just isn't enough!!

billyisacat 2708 days ago

Meow! I miss this place. Even though I had to stay inside all the time. I'm an international cat with a passport. Almost like a traveling gnome - but more handsome!x

_ben_hughes 2709 days ago

Love the standing clock on the left. Reminds me of SteamPunk design :)

geoconn 2718 days ago

love the nfl cap guy, hey out the way buddy!

hunydaisy 2719 days ago

its fatter than i thought lol

mindlesslou 2721 days ago

that is amazing really pretty!! seems americans can do some things right

amyloui2 2726 days ago

love new york :)

Riceicle 2726 days ago

My favourite building in my favourite city, great photo xx

faithfulviewer 2727 days ago

That doesn't look very Earthquake proof! :s

Jemppu 2727 days ago

Wow, stunning angle there :o

Runrabbit 2774 days ago

Thanks - so much better than my own photo of it!

yeahyeahyeah909 2778 days ago


MadSciKat 2779 days ago

One of my favorite buildings in the whole world.