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JPStuckey 2287 days ago

After seeing ya'll in the TDU, I say don't change a thing. The kit looks great in the peloton, and you guys are easy to spot. It's a nice change from the Astana colors, too!

ericbikeco 2325 days ago

Where is it that the poster typed "please crap all over our jersey design"? You people are a bunch of schmucks.

julianaWM 2328 days ago

I like it, should have no problem picking you guys out in the crowd

Ryanmacanally 2328 days ago

Looking Lean and Strong Lance, Can't wait to see you in the TDU

CoachWallace27 2328 days ago

Love the team, Respect you, believe in the organization....NOT buying the Kit. But you'll get it right, you always do.

Portiskid 2337 days ago

The gray part kills it for me.

SharonHoweJones 2342 days ago

If you insist on some grey then make the top bit white and the side panels grey would look so much better.

Tomosail 2344 days ago

you look fat.

dgypsy 2352 days ago

Darker Red and bold Yellow--those should be most prominant. Grey accents not yellow.

Bracey111 2358 days ago

It's the UCI pro tour logo, it's on all the tour team tops. :)

justamere2 2358 days ago

cannot figure out whose logo that is above the word TREK; GREY LOOKS LIKE NEGLIGEE

Bracey111 2359 days ago

I reccon yellow around the radioshack logo would look really good, other than that it looks great :)

Relajcycling 2361 days ago

Team Discovery Jersey's were great.

santiagobenites 2361 days ago

and make the R logo bolder, like in superhero style. The red and grey are ok together, but the grey and yellow doesn't work. And the dots on the grey part look a little feminine (like a party dress)

santiagobenites 2361 days ago

Dear Lance. The people have spoken. Here and elsewhere. And it is unanimous: Thumbs down to this one. My suggestion: Go for a more simplified, retro look. Less is more(Ludwig Mies van der Rohe).
Ditch the grey )or darken it and use it for trim, and make

kdayracing 2361 days ago

Nice halter top!

sgwood415 2362 days ago

Get Shep Fairey to design it.

sgwood415 2362 days ago

The yoke top does not compliment the lines of a rider, especially when you're flat. The orientation of the design should be more vertical so you look streamlined when you ride.

JetMeb003 2362 days ago

OH,Lance! You are adorable. But, in regards to the Jersey. The Red looks Orange, The R on the front is off-center. The Grey is Grey, not a Power color, for such a Powerful Team. (is the Grey color because of the Nissan sponsorship?) It is harder for me to

georgemurga 2362 days ago

Your Mellow Johnny jerseys are so much better, this Radio Shack jersey needs serious help.